Tina Niemann’s Selling Tips

Set a good price

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, you must price your home right!  Consult with me on comparable home prices, current market conditions, current interest rates and available financing before arriving at the “asking price” for your home.Improve your home’s marketability. It’s no secret that making your house as attractive as possible helps it sell.

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Follow these suggestions:


  • Keep your lawn mowed and trim shrubs and hedges
  • Consider applying a fresh coat of paint if needed
  • Clean windows (you would be amazed at how much this helps)
  • Mulch flower beds
  • Make sure shutters, gutters, windows and siding are in good condition
  • Clean garage and keep space uncluttered


  • Touch up marred woodwork
  • Keep carpeting clean
  • Keep kitchen appliances spotless
  • Maintain clear counter space
  • Clean and organize basement area
  • Paint walls and clean floor to add sparkle
  • Make bedroom closets look larger by storing some items neatly elsewhere
  • Plumbing & appliances should be clean and in good working order
  • Replace any burned-out bulbs and keep house well-lit at all times
  • Neutral, non-controversial colors are best
  • Everything should be clean and immaculate
  • Try to remove any inherent odor due to pets, etc.

Attracting prospective buyers

I will promote your property in several ways; through advertising in several media newspapers, a “for sale” sign in your yard, my contacts after 25+ years of selling homes in the St. Louis area, a feature listing on my web page, the Internet and the multiple listing service. A brochure of your home will be prepared and  is sent to agents in the market area of your home.Showing your propertyWhen making an appointment to show your property, our office will make every effort to allow you time to get ready.  If you are not at home, a message will be left on your recorder with the time, agent and company that will be showing your home.  If you will not be at home, agents will use Supra, unless other arrangements have been made due to pets, etc.

Understand the mechanics of the offer

The selling broker will notify the listing broker when a buyer makes an offer.  All offers must be in writing and signed by the buyer.  We will discuss the offer and clarify any terms and conditions.  If the seller accepts, the written offer becomes a contract.  The contract should include:

  • Property’s address, purchaser’s name and date
  • Sale price
  • Amount of down payment and how balance will be financed
  • Amount which will be held as earnest money
  • Proposed closing and possession dates
  • Contingencies, if any, such as building, termite, environmental and sale of buyer’s present residence, if applicable
  • Time limitation of offer

A contract does not exist until all parties have ratified the terms with their signatures.

What to do after acceptance

Buyer will apply for their loan, and proceed to complete all the inspections according to the time called for in the contract.

Getting ready to move


The seller can now make definite moving plans.  The buyer is entitled to a final walk through, which is really a final inspection to ensure that the property is in the same condition as it was the day of the contract acceptance.The big day arrives.

Closing day is for signing paperwork and paying closing costs/down payments.  The home seller’s closing costs may include:

Brokers commission, paying the current mortgage off, recording fees, any mortgage interest, prorated real estate taxes and sewer fees and any other charges the seller has agreed to pay.  The final step is finished when the buyer completes his closing, and funds are available to the seller for the proceeds of the sale of his home.